New Event Server Aeldra Zeya Starting in 2023 Great

Aeldra Zeya

We would like to share the news of Aeldra Zeya. You will be glad to read it. “We are happy to introduce our new Event Host Zeya” Aeldra said, giving the news of Zeya. In fact, Zeya was expected.

Persistent XP effectiveness and increased plus hit rates and better drops are pretty good. We used to call the previous one Aeldra sigma, and we will call it Aeldra Zeya. More information on the starter kit on Aeldra Zeya will be released in the coming days. Because it has not been published yet.

However, Zeya is an extremely good opportunity for those who want to enjoy Zeta, those who are left behind, or those who want to start but think that this place is very difficult now, everyone has gone to a very high level and we can’t keep up.

Just as Sigma was a pleasing development for Aeldra in the past, Zeya appears as a much higher level opportunity for Zeta. Guys, be careful, this is a much more valuable server than Sigma. Why are we talking? Of course from Aeldra Zeya.


Aeldra Zeya Features

As with all event servers, you will see new features in Zeya. In other words, it is possible to see things in Zeya that you do not see in Zeta. This is an extremely welcome development. Apart from all these, there are different developments.

Aeldra has gained a lot of experience in the past. They have taken and implemented many suggestions from the successful community that are extremely helpful and necessary for new features and tweaks. Therefore, some new systems and features will be added to Zeya server and many of them will be implemented later on Zeta server.

This news is pretty good. Class adjustments have been made to adjust the balance for the warrior and sura so these classes can be used for endgame dungeons as well as well-known ninjas that will still be the best. Also, Ramadan and Easter events will first start in Zeya 1 week before Aeldra and Zeta. This information is among the news.


Introducing New Event Server Zeya

The Zeya promotion, which will last for about 2 months, was determined as 31.03.2023. After the first month, the exact merger date will be announced. An explanation for those who don’t know what Zeya is:  Zeya is a temporary Event Server version of the current Zeta server that will last about 2 months.

After this period, Zeya will be merged with the Main Zeta server. The goal is to offer people who want to play Zeta but have been discouraged from playing on a server that has been open for some time, the opportunity to start on a fresh new server and catch up quickly.

Starting a new server is one of the most exciting things. After 3 successful Sigma launches for our Aeldra server, we want to bring the Event Server experience for our Zeta players while simultaneously providing a constant stream of new players.

We will repeat this event server periodically and continuously improve it based on the experience and feedback we get on each server. Aeldra Zeya will be accessible through the same client as Zeta and Aeldra, and you can also use your existing Zeta and Aeldra accounts on Zeya (accounts only, no characters).

It saves you from creating new accounts and allows us to merge servers later. The name “Zeya” is dedicated to one of our former developers who made a significant impression on this project. Some of its delightful and high end features are one reason for Aeldra’s success.

They state that they brought the Warrior and Sura to the level of the ninja in Zeya. Be careful. This is very good news. They say there will no longer be any difference in dungeons between ninja and warrior sura. They will be equal in both or even all three. However, our advice is to start with a warrior or Sura at the beginning, and then move on to the ninja.


Zeya Activities Begin Before Ramadan

Let us remind you again. Events to start at Aeldra Zeya a week before Ramadan. So Zeya is in the foreground before the others. A week after Aedlra Zeya, Zeta will also be participating in the Easter events.

We stated that the promotion process will take 2 months. Super news. You know Zeta is a difficult server. So not having less time was a very clever idea. The majority of Zeta players were content. But for less pleasant users, Zeya seems like a brand new thrill.

In fact, this news was talked about on the discord channel months ago. It was the server admins. But his excitement started more actively now. Because it has now been officially announced. Here you go. Before you forget: You can use your current ID, which you use in Zeta, in Zeya as well. Good luck to everyone Zeya.

You can also follow Aeldra Zeya news on the Aeldra Forum.