1- Our company may collect your personal data for some purposes. Below is some information about the collection of this data.

2- During the membership phase or by filling in some forms in our store, some personal information (such as name, surname, telephone number) belonging to the members is collected as required by the job.

3- All this information collected is protected with the security measures taken. Our company does not share it with third parties. It is also specially encrypted with SSL certificates.


1- The payments you make in our store are completely risk-free and your personal information is protected by an SSL certificate. Your payment information is only visible to you. This information is safe.

2- Your payment information is never collected as data.

3- Our website does not link to 3rd party sites (except WhatsApp, Discord, Truspilot). When you are redirected from 3rd party sites, please make sure that your link and payment information are secure.