Your Metin2 Longing Will End With Our Sigma Servers

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Your Metin2 Longing Will End With Our Sigma Servers

In our Sigma Servers, which we created by taking inspiration from Metin2 game, you can defeat dragons and dark demons, feel the excitement and pleasure deeply, and play an ambitious fantasy game. This game, which you will play for free, will soon become your favorite hobby. You will not realize how your time has passed in Sigma game, where you will reach content such as farm, war, and quest. You don’t need to pay any fee to register for the Sigma game. In this game, which you can play for free, you are going to discover a new world. Our players, who want to develop faster, and gain strength against to competing players by leveling up faster can buy sigma yang.

What Features Do Sigma Servers Have?

Some of the features and innovations in the game are as follows; Levels are between 1-120, you will be able to make new friends thanks to chat rooms and you will be able to get free items in events that take place from time to time.

What is Yang and How Can You Buy Sigma Yang?

Yang is a term that users who play Metin 2 hear very often. In its most basic definition, we can say that it is the currency of Metin 2 game. Required for in-game trading. Apart from trading between players, Yang is paid for any item or service received from NPCs. Making money in the game, or farming yang with the language of the game, is a laborious job that takes a long time and effort. If you do not have the time and patience to spend on yang, you can easily buy Sigma yang quickly and safely from our site. Gather your strength and draw your sword to save the future of your kingdom from fear, pain and destruction!

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