Be the Legend of Age of Manor AoM

17Age of Manor is a MMORPG game. In the game, the endless adventure awaits you. Saddle your mount and get right into the action. In the war of three empires, you can rule the battlegrounds. Be the Dragon God’s shadow on earth. In AoM, you can go to dungeons with your friends, challenge other players for a duel or join a guild and get into guild wars. While doing all these, you need to be the strongest to beat everyone. You will need a powerful weapon, a durable armor and other items that will make you much more stronger. You can also adopt a pet that will accompany you and grant you some advantages.

To collect all those powerful items may not come cheap. You need to kill lots of monsters and bosses to save all that money. However, there is no harm in getting some help. If you want to be the best of all the empires, you can buy Age of Menor2 yang to buy the items you need. It will save you from wasting your precious time on going into dungeons and killing the monsters.

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