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Long ago, the empire lived together in harmony. But everything changed when the Metin stones started to fall from the sky. Those stones affected the whole continent. People and the animals started to go crazy. The climate changed and the evil started to rise. The empire got divided into three nations due to the differences in their aims. One wanted to exploit the power of stones, one wanted to destroy them, one just ignored them. These oppositions in their thoughts will lead them into war. In Aeldra2, choose your character and take your place in the war.

Aeldra2 Yang

In the war, you will use your skills to deal with your enemies. You can be a strong warrior, an intelligent shaman, an agile ninja or a powerful sura. No one can stop you if you are strong enough. On the road of being the best, you will encounter difficulties. You will need stronger weapons, more durable armors and accessories that grant you the stats that you need. So, you will need lots of Aeldra2 yang. Yang is the currency of the empire. You can make it by killing monsters. However, that may not be enough. So, if you aim to be the best, you can use some help.

You can buy Aeldra2 yang to get ahead of your enemies. They will never know how you got that strong. Our experienced team has taken all the precautions for you to avoid from getting banned. You can pay through Paypal, Bitcoin or Crypto Voucher. You can contact us anytime on Whatsapp, e-mail or through the website. We provide service in multiple languages that include English, German, Turkish, Romanian and more. If you want to be the best in the empire, buy some Aeldra2 yang now. You will see the difference.


aeldra2 yang

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